Positive Leadership: the impact of applying the science of positive psychology at work

Giselle Timmerman

On May 2nd, Giselle Timmerman will introduce us to a hands-on conscious capitalism sessión.

Positive Leadership: the impact of applying the science of positive psychology at work

Conventional leadership wisdom focuses on high performance at all costs, ignoring what it takes to lead well by doing well. Positive leadership draws from cutting-edge research in positive psychology, management science, and neuroscience to provide leaders with unconventional strategies for success. These leaders create exceptional performance by leading with an affirmative lens — a focus on strengths, mindset, resilience, and healthy organizations. More and more companies are paying attention because compelling science overwhelmingly states that positive leadership has a significant impact on employee engagement, fulfillment at work, and organizational performance. 

In this interactive workshop you will learn the top findings and strategies from positive leadership science. Participants will explore how these insights can help unlock potential within themselves and others.
Specific takeaways from the workshop include:
  • The 5 key strategies for being a positive leader, including practices to implement immediately
  • How leaders have applied positive leadership to generate tangible value in their business
  • An action plan for how to will apply these strategies to be a more conscious leader

Who should attend?

Founders, partners, CEOs and executive teams of companies that are in the path of transforming their businesses in a conscious way.

Speaker: Giselle Timmerman
Date: 2 May
Time: 16h – 19h
Venue: Passeig de Gràcia 47, 3era planta (InboundCycle)
Price: 75€


Giselle Timmerman: Giselle supports leaders and their teams, from nonprofit CEOs to Fortune 500 leaders, to build positive leadership and strengths-based cultures for greater engagement and performance. She was one of the first 30 people in the world to be educated by the founders of positive psychology, and has applied the science for over 12 years to improve people’s working lives. Giselle leads Positive Work, a leadership development and coaching company. She also serves thousands of members globally as President of the International Positive Psychology Association’s Work Division. She earned her Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, her bachelor’s degree from New York University, and is based in Barcelona.

Datos sobre el Taller:

  • Date: Martes 2 de Mayo
  • Time: 16h-19h
  • Price: 75€
  • Venue: Passeig de Gràcia 47, 3era planta (InboundCycle)