Thank God It’s Monday! Challenge

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Season 1 is now over.

Watch all the recordings here:

Raj Sisodia
Lesson #1: Human collaboration trumps competition

Neha Sangwan, M.D.
Lesson #2: We are part of nature, not its owners:

Bob Chapman
Lesson #3: In times of crisis, people centric corporate cultures are more likely to survive:

Salim Ismail
Lesson #4: The cognitive revolution that triggered progress requires now a consciousness revolution that prevents dystopia:

Nilima Bhat
Lesson #5: A healthy balance of Feminine and Masculine values are the best GPS for navigating through crisis:

Susan Sobbott
Lesson #6: Everything is interconnected

Jerry Michalski
Lesson #7: In times of crisis, trust is the best fear-fighter

Kristin Engvig
Lesson #8: Diversity drives divergent thinking

Timothy Henry
Lesson #9: Organizational resilience is going to be the new normal

Helen Eriksen
Lesson #10: We are witnessing the biggest consciousness revolution in history

Tom Haslett
Lesson #11: Purpose will become the next money

Keith Ferrazzi
Lesson #12: Leading is dead. Co-elevation is the way forward.

Lakshmi Pratury
Lesson #13: Small is beautiful.